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The Classic Advantage

Eiff Aerodynamics is the home of The Classic. All our Eiff parachutes are designed for style and accuracy. We know the ins and outs of accuracy parachuting and sport skydiving.

With that being said, we know how important the design and accuracy of your parachute is. Take a look at what we have to offer. The Classic comes in a range of scaled sizes, no matter what your weight, there is a Classic for you!

Superior design features enables the Classic to fly faster and slower than other accuracy canopies. Its slower rate of descent allows for greater hang time over the target.

The Classic has greater stability in deep brakes than other accuracy canopies and does not want to "fall off" when entering a deep sink. It also maintains the sink longer before accelerating.

The Classic comes with custom colors, and a "D" ring slider as standard.

Softer openings, reduced toggle pressure and quicker control response makes the Classic ideal for any skydiving discipline.

Proprietary construction methods make for smaller pack volumes, up to 20% less than other accuracy canopies.

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